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Do you feel like life is living you, instead of you living your life?

Have you lost the connection with your body? Your awarenes? Have you felt stressed and in a hurry lately? Things passing on you, not really aware of the true moment of now?

Then I want to invite you for a little challenge. Since it’s saturday tomorrow, if you haven’t got any plans to get up at a restricted time, do this little exercise.

Don’t you already get annoyed by your alarm ringing in the morning? The hurry starts from that very first moment. And your pace for the day has been set. Now here’s a little trick, what would happen if you wouldn’t set your alarm?

What will happen if your body naturally wakes you at the time you want to awake?

Here’s a little theory behind this, so whenever in life we have intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It’s can be a little bit compared with proces versus goal.

Here’s an example, intrinsic motivation could be ‘I want to learn how to play the piano”, The ‘I want to’ is the power in it. Intrinsic means the things coming from your motivation, your beliefs, your intention.

Extrinsic could be “I want to be able to play the piano”, the extrinsic here you find in the goalsetting. Because focussing on just that result comes from the point where you have expereinced either the sounds, the successes, the plays of someone who is playing piano in an extraordinary way. And ultimately you would want to be able to play like that.


Now here comes the clue, if we focus on our goals rather than the proces, the goals becomes harder to actually focus on and the process is not to be enjoyed.

Let’s relate this back to the waking up with or without an alarm; so you might have noticed at some point in your life the mind is a powerful tool right? Whenever we force ourselves in waking up by using an alarm, unintentionally we set external forces to come into our zone. Whenever you would be aligned with your body, you set an awareness state of mind vs body pace rather than the extrinsic motivation. Your focus would be on you, and your intentions why you would want to wake up, rather than why you SHOULD wake up.


So clearly this is about having to do something or wanting to do something. Intrinsic vs extrinsic.

How does this little tool work for me to wake up in time? Whenever I have appointments that I have intentionally planned in the morning? Well here comes the mind. And this is exactly why I am asking you to practise in the weekend.

Whenever you would be setting your intention, really set your intention on waking up at 7:30, you will be waking up at 7:30.

Your body knows, as long as you are clear. So here’s what to do: The evening before, you’re going to have a couple of moments where you’re telling yourself; ‘I am going to wake up at 7:30’, ‘I want to wake up 7:30’ or any form of affirming way to tell your mind and body what time we want to be ready the next day.

Just as you get into bed, tell yourself another time what time you would like to wake. And from my own experience, do not set your alarm as a plan B. because you can’t fool your mind.

Just try this out, trust that you and your body can work together. And set this little step into getting a bit more aligned.

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