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Get to know more about the seeds to serendipity in this Essential oils ebook. In this online download you will get all the basic information you want to know about essential oils.

Essential oils are, just like yoga, walking, meditation, healthy foods etc., a way to support and embrace all that arises. They are beneficial on all levels and this book helps you discover the first steps.

    5 minute meditation

    How would it be to feel energized and aligned? Give yourself a 5-minute break to realign body & mind. In this 5 minute meditation I am taking you on a short journey.

    A little gift to you, to get a little reset and to get a little taste on how I guide meditations. 

    Feel free to listen as many times as you wish. Best enjoyed with headphones. 

      Daily affirmations

      Language is a very powerful tool in life. The words you choose have an influence on how you feel, what you manifest, the seeds you plant.

      Becoming aware of your language and programming your own system in a loving way is possible by using affirmations. With these affirmations you’ll download new convictions that will allow you to live in a more free and loving way.