The journey home weekend retreat


Your journey starts here. Are you ready to get on a journey towards coming home!?

How do you want to feel on a daily basis, where do you still want to grow in, what is blocking your way towards that feeling of life you’re really desiring?

During this journey you will experience:
How time in nature is supporting your process
How to release from physical, mental, emotional & spiritual blockages in order for you to have space to grow
How movement in the body, means movement in the process
Which causes/roots are really blocking tranquility & balance
What awareness does to your body
To sincerely start smiling to yourself and your life

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Your stay includes two nights in a tipi/yurt/pipotrailer and all your meals during your stay will be provided organic.
What can you expect:
Yin yoga
Singing bowls
Different types of meditation
Touch of Matrix (in opleiding)
New moon ceremony
Awareness- & reflectionmoments